The Ultimate Virus Shawl

The Ultimate Virus Shawl  I was recently commissioned by a friend to make her a shawl to wear to a wedding.  The Virus shawl is such a versatile pattern and looks different depending on the wool or yarn used. On this occasion I used the King Cole Cherished in Champagne.  The Virus shawl pattern IContinue reading “The Ultimate Virus Shawl”

Virus Shawl Crochet

The Virus Shawl The Crochet Lounge goes Viral !!!! It’s like an epidemic.  First Angela, Hazel snd myself started our Virus Shawls on the Bank Holiday Monday in May, which we thought was a great fun project, little did we know just how popular it would become by the end of that week 7 moreContinue reading “Virus Shawl Crochet”